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44 Lb. Micronized Bags - Price: $25.95 
10 Lb. Prilled Bags - Price: $18.95

Azomite® powdered rock is a naturally mined mineral product with 70 micro-nutrients rarely available in one place. It is odorless, won't burn your plants and won't restrict aeration or water penetration. Unlike some products, Azomite® is not processed, manufactured or chemically prepared. 

It is 100% natural with no additives, synthetics or fillers.

Azomite® has been shown to loosen hard soils, build healthy, more pest-resistant and drought tolerant plants and promote lusher growth. Use Azomite® powdered rock to improve all your gardening and landscape areas from lawns and vegetable plots to compost piles and enjoy:

  • increased fruit and flower production
  • increased vitamin content in your fruits and vegetables
  • better tasting fruits and vegetables
  • increased pest and disease resistance and greater cold tolerance in all your plants
  • lawns with better color while using less fertilizer

Spread a 44 lb. bag of rock powder around your landscape 3 to 4 times a year. You will see noticeable improvements in leaf color and vigor, and fruit and vegetable flavor and production as well. Azomite replenishes trace minerals and enhances the soil.

Azomite® is easy and economical to apply - one 44 pound bag can cover up to an acre.

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For use in Organic Agriculture

I applied micronized Azomite and Organic fertilizer on these plants in March 2012. The results are amazing! The plants look healthier and have more blooms than in previous years when they were fed only organic fertilizer. My clients, who were not familiar with Azomite, initially doubted the success but they are believers now. The citrus tree is the best example...during the 2011 growing season we tried everything to improve its health - with no good results. My client got frustrated and decided it was time to replace the tree. He gave me one last chance to try the Azomite on it and it recovered in just over 3 months. I took this picture of the climbing rose in March of 2011 (the one with fewer blooms) and a couple of weeks later (May 2012)I took another one to compare the difference with last year that I used just the Organic fertilizer and alfalfa meal. Jorge M. Jorge M. Gardening Service.


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